Saint George Portland, Oregon

"Believe in the light
that you may become the children of light." John 12:36


April 23, Lazarus Saturday
8:30am - Orthros
9:30am - Divine Liturgy
5pm - Great Vespers

April 24, Palm Sunday
8:30am - Orthros
9:30am - Divine Liturgy
6pm - Bridegroom Orthros

April 25 & 26, Holy Monday and Tuesday
7pm - Bridegroom Orthros

April 27, Holy Wednesday
7pm - Holy Unction

April 28 Holy Thursday
8am - Vesperal Divine Liturgy
7pm - Orthros of the 12 Passion Gospels

April 29, Holy Friday
9 am - Royal Hours
4pm - Unnailing Vespers (supper follows)
7pm - Lamentations Orthros

April 30, Holy Saturday
9 am - Vesperal Divine Liturgy of Pascha (Baptismal Liturgy)

April 30, Holy Pascha Eve
11 pm - Resurrection Service and Paschal Divine Liturgy
(Paschal potluck meal follows)

May 1, Holy Pascha
12 noon - Agape Vespers
(Church School Easter egg hunt follows)

May 2, St George Day (observed)
8:30am - Orthros
9:30am - Divine Liturgy
(Festal brunch follows)

April 24, 2016

Entrance of Our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem
Palm Sunday

Apolytikion of Lazarus Saturday - Tone 1: O Christ God, when Thou didst raise Lazarus from the dead before Thy passion, Thou didst confirm the universal resurrection. Wherefore, we like babes carry the insignia of triumph and victory, and cry unto Thee, O Vanquisher of death: Hosanna in the highest; blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.

Apolytikion of Palm Sunday - Tone 4: O Christ God, when we were buried with Thee in Baptism, we became deserving of Thy Resurrection to immortal life. Wherefore, we praise Thee, crying: Hosanna in the highest, blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord.

Kontakion of Palm Sunday - Tone 6: Upborne upon the heavenly throne and seated upon the earthly foal, O Christ our God, receive the praises of angels and the hymns of men, exclaiming before Thy sight: Blessed is He that cometh to restore Adam.

Holy Week Confession Times
For those who wish to make confession before Pascha, please note that it is customary to complete all Holy Week confessions prior to the Unction Service of Holy Wednesday. Fr Alban will be available to hear confessions at the following times: Palm Sunday evening after Bridegroom Orthros; Holy Monday before and after Bridegroom Orthros; Holy Tuesday before and after Bridegroom Orthros. If you need to schedule confession for a different time, please contact Fr Alban or Fr Edward as soon as possible.

Fasting Guidelines
There is katalysis for fish, wine and oil on Palm Sunday. During Holy Week we abstain from meat, dairy and fish (with backbones), from wine (and-for those who keep the fast in its fullest measure-olive oil) on Monday through Friday. On Holy Friday we abstain from all food and drink until after Vespers. On Holy Saturday there is katalysis for wine and oil.

The Antiochian Women of St. George Present:
Thirteenth Annual Palm Sunday Fish Luncheon - Today!
Join us for an outstanding meal as we celebrate our Lord's entry into Jerusalem!
Tickets Available Today: $12 Adults $6 Children
Proceeds will support the Annual Project of the Antiochian Women of North America
The 2016 Annual Project is feeding "Hungry Children at Home and Abroad"

FLOWERS FOR HOLY FRIDAY - When you come to the Lamentations Service at 7pm on Holy Friday (April 29) please bring floral bouquets to adorn the Lord's tomb.

RED EGGS FOR PASCHA - We need red eggs! Please contribute by bringing hard-boiled eggs, dyed red, at some point during Holy Week. The eggs may be deposited on the desk in the outer office, they will then be collected and refrigerated until Pascha night when they will be blessed and distributed at the end of the Resurrection Liturgy.

AGAPE VESPERS READERS - At the Agape Vespers (served at noon on Pascha Sunday, May 1) it is traditional to proclaim the Gospel reading in as many languages as possible. If you are able to read the Gospel in any language (other than English, Greek, or Arabic) please contact Nektaria Blalock.

ST GEORGE DAY - Our parish patronal feast is observed this year on Bright Monday, May 2. Please plan now to be present for services and help to host our many guests from the Orthodox Christian community of Portland. Orthros will be at 8:30am and the Divine Liturgy at 9:30am, followed by a festive brunch. Your assistance is requested with parish hall setup and cleanup for the brunch, please contact Kh. Krista if you are able to assist.

Save The Date: Saint George Annual Middle Eastern Festival. August 28, 2016 From Noon - 7 PM.

Coffee Hour Hosts: Today - Palm Sunday Fish Luncheon; May 1 - Paschal Potluck; May 8 - date available; May 15 - date available; May 22 - date available; May 29 - Mary Faris
Holy Bread: Today - Nektaria Fortier & Amanda Buffington; May 1 - Nektaria Fortier & Amanda Buffington; May 8 - Stacy Knuth; May 15 - Nektaria Fortier; May 22 - Magdolin Khouri; May 29 - Mary Faris
Ushers: Today - Team 4: Nick Charles, Nabeel Hanna, Robert Keys & all available ushers to assist; May 1 (Pascha) - Team 1: Patrick Barnes, Patrick Stuart & all available ushers to assist; May 8 - Team 2: Joshua Cheves, David Morgan, Michel Teeny; May 15 - Team 3: Paull Kaady, Jacob Kaady, Wadie Khouri, Larry Williams; May 22 - Team 4: Nick Charles, Nabeel Hanna, Robert Keys; May 29 - Volunteer team

Ushers Needed
Like the minor clerical order of the "Doorkeepers" in ancient times, the ushers of our church perform a vital ministry of maintaining order in the Divine Liturgy and providing hospitality to our guests. We are in need of committed and faithful individuals willing to serve as ushers. Requirements are an availability to serve at least once a month, a commitment to be present no later than 9am on the Sundays one is scheduled, the ability to communicate about schedules and updates via email, and a cheerful willingness to serve. If you are interested in serving in this important ministry, please contact Fr Alban at

Parish Picnic
Sunday, June 12, following the Church School graduation exercises, there will be a parish picnic at the home of Tony and Mary Charles. Our hosts will provide the main dish as well as lemonade and coffee. Please bring one of the following to share: side dish, salad, chips & dip, or dessert and please bring your own drinks. The location of the Charles' home is: 19206 NE 205th Ct, Brush Prairie, WA 98606

Weekly Schedule

Saturday Vespers 5pm, Confessions Follow

Sunday Matins 8:30am, Divine Liturgy 9:30am

The schedule above is the normal schedule throughout the year, no matter what season. During fasting seasons, such as Lent, and Advent, there will be added services. If these services do not appear on this page they will be on the Bulletin page.

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