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"Believe in the light
that you may become the children of light." John 12:36

Christ is risen…Truly He is risen!

May 29, 2016

Fifth Sunday of Pascha
"Sunday of the Samaritan Woman"
Tone 4 Eothinon 7
Today we commemorate: Holy Martyr Theodosia of Tyre; Righteous Martyr Theodosia of Constantinople; Hieromartyr Olvian, Bishop of Aneos, and his disciples; New-martyr John of Smyrna; New-martyr Andrew Argenti of Chios; John of Ustug, fool-for-Christ

The Paschal Apolytikion - Tone 5: Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing life.
Apolytikion of the Resurrection - Tone 4: Having learned the joyful message of the Resurrection from the angel, the women disciples of the Lord cast from them their parental condemnation, and proudly broke the news to the Disciples, saying death hath been spoiled; Christ God is risen, granting the world great mercy.
Apolytikion of Mid-Pentecost - Tone 8: In the midst of this Feast, O Savior, give Thou my thirsty soul to drink of the waters of true worship; for Thou didst call out to all, saying: Whosoever is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. Wherefore, O Christ our God, Fountain of life, glory to Thee.
Apolytikion of St George - Tone 4: Liberator of captives, defender of the poor, physician of the sick, and champion of kings, O trophy-bearer, Great Martyr George, intercede with Christ God that our souls be saved.
Kontakion of Pascha - Tone 8: Though Thou didst descend into the grave, O Immortal One, yet didst Thou destroy the power of Hades; and didst arise as victor, O Christ God, calling to the myrrh-bearing women: Rejoice; and giving peace unto Thine Apostles, O Thou Who dost grant resurrection to the fallen.

Save The Date: Saint George Annual Middle Eastern Festival. August 28, 2016 From Noon - 7 PM.
We are seeking the donation of high-quality items for the Festival silent auction. If you have an item to donate, please contact Mike Teeny at or 503-307-8494

SWING DANCE PARTY - Teens and young adults, please plan to join us for a swing dance party in the St George Parish Hall on Saturday, June 4, at 6pm. The evening will begin with professional dance instruction and we will then dance the night away! Young adults of St George, we would like your assistance in hosting this event for the pan-Orthodox community. To volunteer your time and assistance with setup, snacks, cleanup, etc, please contact Josephine West at

ASCENSION LITURGY- We will celebrate the Great Feast of the Ascension of Christ on the evening of Wednesday, June 8. The Vigil will begin with Great Vespers at 5pm. The Divine Liturgy will commence at approximately 7pm. Join us for as much of these celebratory services as you are able.

PARISH PICNIC - Sunday, June 12, following the Church School graduation exercises, there will be a parish picnic at the home of Tony and Mary Charles. Our hosts will provide the main dish as well as lemonade and coffee. Please bring one of the following to share: side dish, salad, chips & dip, or dessert and please bring your own drinks. The location of the Charles' home is: 19206 NE 205th Ct, Brush Prairie, WA 98606

MONASTERY FEAST DAY - St John the Forerunner Greek Orthodox Monastery (5 Timmer Lane, Goldendale, WA 98620) will celebrate their patronal feast, the Nativity of the Forerunner on Thursday, June 23, with Great Vespers & Orthros from 6pm to 10:30pm and Friday, June 24, with the Hours and Divine Liturgy from 8am to 11:30am followed by lunch. All Orthodox Christians are invited to attend.

SS. PETER & PAUL - We will celebrate the Feast of the foremost of the Apostles, Peter & Paul on Tuesday, June 28,with a vigil (Vespers, Artoklasia & Orthros) at 5pm and the Divine Liturgy at 7pm

Coffee Hour Hosts: Today - Mary Faris; June 5 - date available; June 12 - date available; June 19 - date available; June 26 - Jon & Erin Robertson
Holy Bread: Today - Mary Faris; June 5 - Nadia Kahl; June 12 - date available; June 19 - date available; June 26 - date available
Ushers: Today - Patrick Stuart, Nick Charles, Michel Teeny, Joshua Cheves; June 5 - Team 1: Patrick Barnes, Patrick Stuart; June 12 - Team 2: Joshua Cheves, David Morgan, Michel Teeny; June 19 - Team 3: Paull Kaady, Jacob Kaady, Wadie Khouri, Larry Williams; June 26 - Team 4: Nick Charles, Nabeel Hanna, Robert Keys

Remember Your Alms Boxes
It is time to collect the alms boxes that were distributed at the beginning of Lent. For the next several Sundays there will be a basket in the narthex to receive your alms boxes. If you wish to make an additional contribution to the Food for Hungry People campaign, you may place a check in the offering basket made payable to "St. George Orthodox Church" and designated "Food for Hungry People" on the memo line. May God bless you for your generosity toward those who are in need!

Sitting, Standing, Kneeling
As our parish grows and diversifies, there is sometimes a difference in our parishioners' Orthodox cultural backgrounds and expectations. For this reason, the following is offered as a helpful bit of instruction. In many places in the Orthodox world churches do not contain pews and in fact often have few seats of any sort. In other places churches are filled with monastic choir stalls. Still elsewhere, as in the parishes of the Patriarchate of Antioch (both here in North America and in the Antiochian homelands), parish churches generally are furnished with pews. In those places with no seats it is, of course, customary for the faithful to stand nearly all of the time in services. In places where pews are present, people generally sit at certain points during the service. Neither practice is better or "more Orthodox" than the other; these are simply local variations in practice. As a courtesy to your fellow parishioners, if you prefer to stand at those times in the Divine Liturgy when most of the faithful are sitting, please consider taking a spot in the back two rows of the nave. If you prefer to stand throughout the entire service, please note that there is also ample room for standing at the east end of the north aisle (in front of the baptistery gates). Please note also that in many Orthodox parishes it is customary to kneel always during the Anaphora prayers of the Divine Liturgy. At St George, however, our prevailing local custom is to observe the instruction of the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council to abstain from kneeling on Sundays and throughout the forty days of Pascha, kneeling during the Anaphora at all other times. You may occasionally see visitors or newcomers kneeling at times when we are accustomed to stand; please make gracious allowance for their expression of piety. Thank you for your kind consideration of one another!

Fast-Free Forty Days
While most of the Orthodox world has resumed the keeping of the Wednesday and Friday fasts (though allowing for wine and oil), a 1997 proclamation of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate of Antioch designates the entire forty days from Pascha to Ascension as a fast-free period. During this time period there is no required fasting on Wednesdays or Fridays. Please note that the pre-Communion fast (i.e. no food or drink from midnight until our morning reception of Holy Communion or from our noon meal until the evening reception of Holy Communion) is observed at all times and in all seasons.

Ushers Needed
Like the minor clerical order of the "Doorkeepers" in ancient times, the ushers of our church perform a vital ministry of maintaining order in the Divine Liturgy and providing hospitality to our guests. We are in need of committed and faithful individuals willing to serve as ushers. Requirements are an availability to serve at least once a month, a commitment to be present no later than 9am on the Sundays one is scheduled, the ability to communicate about schedules and updates via email, and a cheerful willingness to serve. If you are interested in serving in this important ministry, please contact Fr Alban at

Weekly Schedule

Saturday Vespers 5pm, Confessions Follow

Sunday Matins 8:30am, Divine Liturgy 9:30am

The schedule above is the normal schedule throughout the year, no matter what season. During fasting seasons, such as Lent, and Advent, there will be added services. If these services do not appear on this page they will be on the Bulletin page.

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